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Be it company, department, team or individual needs, Brightshade will support you by focussing on your requirements, creating bespoke solutions and delivering excellence in order to achieve your development and staffing goals.

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Who are we? – Born out of a desire to invest in the development of people and reform the hiring process, we support our clients as business consultants, coaches, trainers and provide bespoke staffing solutions on top of this. It is our belief that people come first and profits come second. A belief that our clients share with us.

Why we do what we do


The role of a traditional recruiter ends when a new hire starts in your business. Approximately 30% of new starters do not make it past six months. The most common reason we hear for this is that the job has been 'mis-sold'. This to us is not acceptable when this statistic can be reduced by removing the fee-per-hire structure. We meet your objectives, not just fill empty seats.

People First

In the words of Dan Pink; by understanding the human element, you'll be more profitable, lead more effectively, create brand loyalty, close more deals and do better work. All too often, businesses are driven by a need to increase profits. By focussing on the development of your people first, the revenues and profits will be a natural by-product of your team's success.

Realise Potential

Imagine if each of your staff were 10% more productive. What impact would that have on your business? From the people we have spoken with, above any other factor, Progression and Development are put first in career satisfaction. We have seen drastic changes in performance and attitude by investing our time in training and coaching teams across the country. We love nothing more than experiencing that lightbulb moment and then measuring the results of that new enthusiasm.

Care & Attention

Put simply, our industry deserves better. You deserve better. We care because we know that a focus on cost-per-hire doesn't have to mean a sub-par experience. Just like any credible business out there, we are trying to make a positive impact on the staffing world for companies and job-seekers alike, by leveraging our experience and taking the time understanding the needs of all people involved.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs


Meet the team

Brightshade creators Mike Appleby and Ben Bennett are experienced sales professionals who want to break the negative stereotypes around sales skills and reform the hiring process.

Ben Bennett

One of our founders, Ben is an experienced sales professional with a proven history of building, coaching and developing high performing sales teams. His people-first approach sees him focus on personal and professional development for our client's teams through his bespoke training courses and coaching skills. When he isn't working on Brightshade, Ben is often found running around after his son and walking for miles in all weather. He is also a big car fan, gadget geek and cryptocurrency fan-boy.
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Mike Appleby

Our co-founder Mike is passion personified. With an in-depth knowledge of the sales and recruitment world, his mission is to change the way that people and businesses come together. He has helped countless job seekers, who were disillusioned with traditional recruitment processes, find their focus and navigate their way to the right role. Through his vast experience, he is well placed as an advisor to any business that wishes to attract and nurture the finest talent in their field. Mike can often be found in the kitchen, as food is his second passion, or out in the Sussex Downs with his family and Labrador. He also enjoys a pint by the fire in his local pub(s).
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