Training and Coaching

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Time to upskill?

Assessed, Measured, Evidenced, Refined.

We are often asked to provide sales training for our clients, and the broad requirement usually ends there. So instead of offering pre-packaged course material and delivering one-size fits all sessions, we will work with your company to help you identify the gaps in skills and knowledge throughout the team.

This approach will give you the control over the key objectives and deadlines. Once we are all aware of these objectives, we can create a solution that fits your business in order to demonstrate the value of our training.

To see this value, we can design bespoke courses and deliver the training (where required) and then follow up with regular contact and support. Some of our clients ask us to design and implement measurement frameworks so that they can identify areas of improvement as well as ongoing training needs.

It is said that on average, people will forget 70 percent of what is taught during a training session, within 24 hours of delivery.

In order to overcome this, we focus on the individual’s learning styles and will follow-up with regular coaching. This can be for specific people, entire teams and as long and as short as you feel is appropriate. In order to maximise performance, we help your business reach a position where regular learning and coaching is part of the fabric of your sales team.


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