10 Jan

What is the first DIRTY WORD that enters your mind?

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Now you have got that naughty exercise out of the way, I am almost certain that ‘sales’ was not one of them. Although in the UK specifically, ‘sales’ does actually seem to be a dirty word!

As a sales practitioner, I am quite jealous of the way they approach sales in the US of A.

In America, sales is seen as a very attractive career path from the early years and that is quite possibly the reason why some of the best podcasters, authors and thought leaders in the sales space are on that side of the pond.

Using an immediacy bias, it seems that most people in the UK sales industry fell into their role/career. It’s certainly true for me. I needed a job, so got a local role as a call center kid. Then moved into a Researcher role, onto Customer Services, Telesales, BDM etc…

Having accidentally had such a rewarding career, both from a financial and professional development perspective, I just wish that there was more in the way of resources for young people to see and learn about the benefits of working in sales.

Try to remember that sales covers almost every industry that you can think of. It’s a function within a business, similar to that of Telecoms or IT.

If you like fashion, then you can work in sales. If you like technology, you can work in sales. If you have an interest in sports, you can work in sales. It is a broad and varied career choice and allows a career to span across multiple industries. This is unless you want to specify, which I am also fully behind!

In the UK we need to be attracting quality salespeople at a grassroots level, just as the Americans do. Demonstrating that it can be a fast-paced, exciting environment with huge rewards in financial, professional and personal development aspects. A great way to meet people, build networks, make friends and have a really fun time doing it! OK, so I went grey very early, but I’m not putting that all down to sales!

Business and commercial acumen is put on the table in the existing education system far too late in my opinion. Let’s help breed these business and sales brains and give them options earlier!

I am personally working with charities and local businesses to help reinforce a positive message about this much-loved industry so that it isn’t an accidental career choice, but a much more considered one. Brightshade was born off the back of this topic and we will continue to push this message far and wide!

Sales is not a dirty word. It’s the best noun out there!!

Written by Ben Bennett

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