14 Feb

What talent shortage?

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If you think there is a talent shortage, it’s probably because you are not looking in the right place!


I can think back to several defining moments which helped launch Brightshade.

One of those moments was sitting, as a recruiter, with the Sales Director of one of the most well-known daily newspaper publishers in the UK. He had been finding it harder and harder to find sales executives to join the business. When I asked why he thought this was, he told me it was due to a “talent shortage”.


I am not normally one to write a blog unless I feel there is something worth saying, so here it is… THERE IS NO TALENT SHORTAGE!!!


My client, until now, had been able to command the best talent in the country for a long time, primarily due to their brand and position in the market, but things have changed, not just in how we communicate with each other but also in what motivates job seekers.


In February 2018, the Independent reported that only 1 in 10 employees now wear a suit to work, and in 2017 a piece of research conducted by UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School revealed that 65% of millennials consider personal development the most important factor when choosing a job.


We live in an age where a business like Facebook, founded in 2004, can now be valued at over $500 Billion and where companies like Linkedin, founded in 2002, are being sold for $26.2 billion just 14 years later. This should be seen as a small indication of how quickly the digital world is moving on and in particular, how we communicate! These stories are not alone in their meteoric rises to success, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram are all household names and on almost every smartphone in circulation so it is no wonder that we have lost our way in knowing how to speak with our audience. Was my client moving with the times? Certainly not!


Job seekers are always telling us that they find it hard to identify the right businesses to work for. I also see a lot of CV’s that are full of ‘hoppy’ short-term roles. Is this because the candidate has not got the right skills, or is it because they were ‘mis-sold’ the role? With over 100,000 live vacancies being advertised on the country’s leading job board, one thing that you can be sure on is that there is huge competition in attracting talent.



If you want to hire the best talent for your business, start by remembering that behind every CV is a person and a story. By creating a process which allows you to meet and speak with people, as opposed to waiting for the right keywords in an A4 document to arrive in our inbox, I can guarantee that you will realise just how much talent is right outside the front door of your business.


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Written by Mike Appleby

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